Chlor-alkali Products


Polyvinyl chloride, PVC  

Molecular formula
Alias name
Used for the production of plastic, dope and synthetic fibre etc. It can crank out soft and hard plastic according to varying dosage of plasticizer. The former could be used in producing transparency film (raincoat, tablecloth, wrapper, agricultural film etc), leatheroid, foam and cable mantle layer etc. and the later could be used in producing board, pipeline, valves, doors and windows etc. 
Industrial products are white or yellow powder.  
Production methods
The powder colophony produced through suspension method and the paste powder through emulsion method can both be used in the production of soft and hard plastic. Mingle all materials in Z-style kneader and put mixtures into calender stack for average plasticizing under the temperature of 165-175℃. After the working procedure of press polish, lamination etc., the hard PVC board will be built up for construction use. 
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